BWP Top Stallion Auction Talent (Skip Two Ramiro), Bisquet Balou vd Mispelaere, Cicero van Paemel, 2 sons of Comilfo Plus and an offspring of Gemini xx

Nr. 69 On Top van het Meerdaalhof is a combination Elvis ter Putte x Diabeau – nr. 75 Omnium Dor van de Mispelaere is a product of Wandor vd Mispelaere x Equistro – nr. 91 Cavalino van Rotheck is a Cicero x No Limit – nr. 93 Coran van ‘t Kruis is a son of Comilfo Plus x Argentinus –nr. 94 Calvador is also a Comilfo Plus out of a Corrdino dam and nr. 107 Gem T has Gemini xx (clone) as sire and Contendro I as dam’s sire.

ON TOP vh MEERDAALHOF : is a son of Elvis ter Putte and belongs to the BWP performance line 33. His full brother, Nice Boy vh Meerdaalhof, is an approved stallion. Granddam Mimosa is the mother of the 1.60m jumper Teaser vd Rooi (Calypso  III). Line 33 is the well known line of Maurits Vandersijpen, with Skip Two Ramiro II or “Talent” is the eyecatcher.  Guy Williams jumped him to the highest level.  This line gave more 1.60m horses, such as Amadeus vd Boswinning (Pavarotti vd Helle), Coquet  vd  Potaarde (Cumano) and Simply the Best vh Molenhof (Chatman).

OMNIUM DOR vd MISPELAERE : also has a strong dam line behind him. Granddam Philippa (Lippa vd Mispelaere) gave three internationals, among which two approved stallions : Bisquet Balou vd Mispelaere (Balou du Rouet) is a BWP elite stallion, ridden by Koen Vereecke and Nicola Philippaerts at 1.60m level. Also Horst vd Mispelaere (Wandor vd Mispelaere) is an approved stallion who jumps 1.60m under Jessica Mendoza.  It’s Me du Mesnil is a third international jumper (1.50m).

C AVALINO von ROTHECK : has been registered at birth in another studbook. He is a son of BWP ambassador Cicero van Paemel, who has already proven to give his genes to his offspring. Among them Izzy by Picobello ( BWP Izzy vd Wateringhoeve) who jumps 1.60m under Bertram Allen; Gautcho da Quinta  (1.60m) ridden by Catherine Van Roosbroeck; Gigolo vd Roshoeve, GP horse ridden by Albert Zoer.

CORAN van ‘t KRUIS : in his dam line we see both high level jumping and dressage horses. His dam El Argentina vd Biebosschen  produced the 1.45m jumping Iboris vh Pintenhof (Boris vh Kluizebos). Granddam Quality vd Biebosschen (Weltmeyer) has among her offspring the dressage Inter I horse Willi Witzig vd Biebosschen (A Jungle Prince) and the dressage Z1 Donnerwelt vd Biebosschen (Don Renoir).  Furthermore in this line there are several approved stallions and international sport horses , among which : Sire Major de la Cour (Major de la Cour – 1.50m), Talan O (Natal – 1.60m) and Barok (Sultan – 1.60m) and many others.

CALVADOR :  with this stallion, Comilfo Plus has a second master card in this auction. Also in this family we see a GP dressage horse with Adonie (Rubiquil). Yet mainly jumping stars in this line, such as  Fifth Estate 35 (Class Action – 1.60m), Caletto (Cheerfull – 1.60m), Monsanta (Armstrong – 1.60m) and Zoriana (Berlin – 1.50m).

GEM T : the last stallion in this series is a son of Gemini xx (clone). Gem T belongs to the SF-line 62. His dam Caroline T (Contendro I) jumps 1.50m classes under Christophe Vanderhasselt. Granddam Ebony produced the 1.40m jumping Filippo T (Flipper d’Elle). Greatgranddam Biche de Thurin  gave the approved stallion Velvet (Major de la Cour) and the 1.60m jumping horse Myra (Voltaire).  This line counts  several approved stallions, such as the BWP approved Kato T (Kannan) but also First de Lanay (Laudanum xx – 1.60m) and Eden de la Rose (Papillon Rouge – 1.60m).