Next series of auction stallions ; twice Iron Man vd Padenborre as the sire, twice Darco as the dam’s sire

Nr. 28 : Pro-Deo van de Bien is a son of Houston x Toulon – nr. 30 Pedro LVM is by  I’ Am  Moerhoeve’s Star x Canturo – nr. 31 Pifte van het Houtemhof is a son of Iron Man vd Padenborre xCicero – nr. 32 Phoenix VGW is  a Iron Man vd Padenborre x Contender – nr. 34 Pronto vd Ceulshaegen is by Kannan x Darco and nr. 37 Pompidou du Marais DD  is a combination L’ Arc de Triomphe x Darco.


PRO-DEO van de BIEN : belongs to the BWP performance line 1. Granddam Wokina produced at least 3 international sport horses, among them Ekita (Toulon) (1.50m). Greatgranddam Nelly is the mother of Benita (Toulon) (1.60m).  Several approved stallions and other international sport  horses come out of this line, such as Wido (Nabab de Rêve – 1.60m) and Tedechine Sept (Chin Chin – 1.60m).

PEDRO LVM : he has BWP performance line 18 behind him, to which also belong the BWP approved stallion Le Coultre de Muze (Presley Boy) and Parcival vh Waterschoot (Latano).  These are only a few examples out of this line. Pedro’s granddam Aurora vd Maltahoeve gave the approved stallion Jericho vd Maltahoeve (by Breemeersen Adorado – 1.40m). His greatgranddam Nelke vh Waterschoot produced the approved Shindler de Muze (For Pleasure) and several highly performing horses.

The two sons of Iron Man vd Padenborre come from very different dam lines. The first, PIFTE vh HOUTEMHOF, has the same dam line as the well known Gotthardson (Gotthard )( 1.60m) and also Adelaide de Laubry (Skippy II) who jumped for Brazil at 1.60m level. Granddam  Argentina de Laubry produced two international toppers : Eclipse (Cicero– 1.50m) and Hymalaya van Paemel (Cicero – 1.45m). The second, PHOENIX VGW,  comes from the Holsteiner  line 8810. His dam Contendra jumped at 1.50m level. There are a lot of other highly performing jumping horses in that line, such as the following three, all jumping at 1.60m level : Karatina (by Quantum), Coeur de lion (by Calido I) and Calma Boy ( by Calido I).

The following two auction stallions have Darco on their dam’s side : PRONTO vd CEULSHAEGEN is a son of Kannan; his dam U Darco jumped at 1.30m level and produced  Just Deauville DR (Deauville van T&L – 1.35m) and Lopke VDR, also by Deauville van T&L, who participated in the 6yo competition. Granddam Hera  is the mother of Quinten, who jumps at 1.60m level under  Robert Whitaker . L’Arc de Triomphe sired POMPIDOU du MARAIS DD. His dam Vienna was awarded the BWP performance label. Her best known progeny is no doubt IQ du Marais DD (For Pleasure) , approved for BWP in 2011 und jumping at 1.45m level.  In this line we find not only jumping horse genes , but also international performers in eventing and dressage. In CIC2* eventing  there is King van Cellebroedershof (Kenwood), in dressage we see Unee (Gribaldi – Grand Prix).